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A Day In The Life Of A Personal Care Coordinator

Our Care Coordinators are the most important part - the heartbeat - of the Seniorcorp team. They are empowered to be your advocate in making sure that every part of your plan is accomplished.

Each Care Coordinator is selectively recruited and must have the training and compassion to serve seniors and their families. Oftentimes our Care Coordinators are considered part of the family.

During an average day, our Care Coordinators do many things. On a daily basis they are calling or visiting clients to see how they are doing. They accompany clients on doctor visits. Care Coordinators check-up on visiting aides and companions and ensures that services and deliveries are done on time and as promised.

A Dedicated Team of Professionals

Seniorcorp employees are carefully screened and partake in multiple interviews before being hired. Seniorcorp utilizes four separate types of background checks, much more then many other organizations and beyond what the State of Virginia requires. We also invest heavily in recruitment, training, and ongoing education. Most importantly, Seniorcorp searches for employees who have a heart and experience working with others. Our caregivers are mature and have experience handling senior clients.

A big smile, gentle warmth and a sincere interest in our clients is what you can expect from our staff team member. When that team member enters you home we want you to feel confident that they have been hand picked to serve you.