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Seniorcorp on the Radio

Tune in to Newsradio 790AM WNIS  "Ask the Expert" radio program at 6:00PM. On the first and third Wednesday of each month, Seniorcorp President and CEO Tom Knox hosts this informative program. Tom and his guests will discuss current issues facing senior adults. During the discussion, you will gain important tips to make your life or your favorite senior adult's life a bit easier and more enjoyable.

Several featured programs from Lifestyle Care radio program, which aired previously on another local talk radio station, are available for review below. 

Understanding Alzheimer's Syndrome

Tom Knox President/CEO and founder of Seniorcorp, along with Gino Colombara, Executive Director of the Southeastern Virginia Chapter of the Alzheimer's Association, discuss Alzheimer's disease, the warning signs, and tips for caring for Alzheimer's patients.

Understanding Medicare

Tom Knox, President/CEO and founder of Seniorcorp, talks with Jane Hixon, RN and Seniorcorp Health Care Advisor, about the Medicare program.  The program has four parts, which can be listened to individually after the player is fully loaded. Part 1: Basic description of Medicare: Part A, Part B, Part C, Part D (Prescription Drug Coverage). Part 2: Medicare limitations, conditions, and Supplemental Insurance programs. Part 3: When to start Medicare, costs, State Government's role, Virginia Bureau of Insurance Reference. Part 4: Medicare Prescription Drug Coverage, The "Do-nut" Hole, choosing the "right" drug coverage plan.

This program aired March 12, 2010.

Medicare Medication Program Changes

Tom Knox, President/CEO and founder of Seniorcorp, along with Health Care Advisor, Jane Hixon, for Seniorcorp, discuss some changes in the Medicare Drug Supplement program and certain scams that have been reported.

Veteran's Aid and Attendance Benefit

Tom Knox, President/CEO and founder of Seniorcorp, along with Attorney Sandra L. Smith of Oast and Hook, discuss the Veteran's Aid & Attendance Benefit program.