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Companionship and Homemaking

Happy Adult Child "I don't have to worry about my mother anymore"

After an illness or injury, or as a result of the effects of simply growing older, you find that your once-independent parent or grandparent needs help with basic chores, from housekeeping to caring for pets.

Or, your senior loved one is lonely and needs someone to share tea and light conversation or to sit down with them for a game of cards.

Because the needs of the elderly can be so wide-ranging and diverse, it takes an individual with special qualities to be a Seniorcorp companion - qualities like warmth, understanding, and compassion.

Hand-chosen for their sincere interest in their clients, Seniorcorp employees also demonstrate a variety of skills to provide everything from laundry to transportation, arranging social outings to helping your elderly loved one keep their doctor’s appointments and medications straight.

Here are some of the services Seniorcorp companions can provide: